Saturday, January 31, 2015

1 month in…

We’re one month into the year.  Where do you stand?  Remember on January 1st??   Do you remember saying to yourself “THIS IS IT!  This year I’m going to do it!!”  Did you?

For me, this month was a mixed bag.  I count some victories and some failures.

I HATE January.  It’s been miserably cold and snowy here, and I’m so fed up!!

In the good column, I feel like I’m doing very well on the fitness end.  I’m getting my groove back running.  Runkeeper tells me that between running, biking, walking and elliptical, I traveled 211.6 miles this month.  That is in addition to everything else I’ve done.

Marc convinced me to try a new set of fitness DVD’s that he’s been doing – Les Mills Body Combat.  We did “Upper Body Blowout” this morning.  I am aching tonight, and I can only imagine what tomorrow will feel like!!

Now, on the weight side?  Not a complete failure but not a success, either.


Weight: 131.3.  A measly 1 pound lighter from January 1st.

And measurements?  Holding steady at being porky!

February is a lot more fun for me and fun can equal trouble.  Starting tomorrow with the Superbowl.

So I’ll keep at it, and hopefully will drop to a more reasonable weight if and when the weather starts to give a little!!

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  1. I am doing Les Mills Body Combat too!! I start week 5 on Monday. :)