Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cryptic summary of today....

They got it all.

He's recovering well so far.

We'll know more next week.

I DO NOT handle stress well.

I suck at life.


  1. Whoa... Go easy on yourself woman. Your FIL just had major surgery for a serious's OK to fuck up. Tomorrow is another day, one day won't make you magically obese again. Start again tomorrow. The end.

  2. Great they got it ALL YIPPEE exactly what we wanted xxx and by the way you do not suck at life.. If I didn't have your blogs to read I would think I suck at life but I know I don't because you are the exact same as me !!! Which tells me I am fairly normal at this up normal maintaining weight SHIT !!! What. I learn from you Jen is we are human and therefore we slip back, but in my past islid all the way back to very bad habits of not trying anymore with so many justications as to why 1. I could eat badly, 2. Why I should eat badly, 3. Why I deserved to eat badly 4. Why I wanted to eat badly 5. AND WHY I COULD SIMPLY JUSTIFY BAD EATING

  3. They got it all yippee that's a plus... YOU DO NOT SUCK AT LIFE EVER. You help me all the time as most of the stuff you blog is exactly the same stuff I say to myself.. Makes me feel less alone. When I go off plan and eat badly I justify it to myself in much the same way as you do Jen, but when I an off plan you also can pull me back on just by reading you positive stuff.. Somedays I am so sick of the crap I tell myself as to why I can eat bad, I only have to read your blog and it makes me feel stupid for the things I say to myself in order to justify bad choices!!