Friday, January 23, 2015


Wow!  I am finally ending a week where I stayed on track the entire week and felt good about it!!

It feels like forever since that has happened!  

After a good week of eating right and exercising, I started to crash a bit today.  When it came lunch time, I invented about a billion excuses why I should not and would not do a lunch time workout.

But I managed to convince myself to change into my workout clothes - which is always half the battle.  I then put in P90X Plyometrics and killed it.  I came home and made a pot full of a new chili recipe.

Fridays have always meant yoga for Marc and I, but with everything that's been going on, we've kinda fell away from that.  We were back at it tonighr and Marc chose a really challenging routine from YouTube.

So as I sit here writing this, I feel both victorious and totally discouraged.  Why?  Because despite being on track all week, my weight remains astronomically high!!

There's part of me that believes nothing I do will make a difference - the rational part of me knows that's not true, but the instant gratification part wants to throw up my hands and say fuckitall!  

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