Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fighting that sinking feeling!

I'm trying here, guys.  Trying not to give in to the total fuck its.  The weather is dragging me down - we finally got sun.  Of course it came with temperatures of 14 fucking degrees below zero!!!  So my life consists of scurrying from home to car to office to car to home.  I feel like I haven't had fresh air in weeks!

Am I whiney enough for you?

I am trying to FORCE myself to be positive.  Think happy thoughts.  See the bright side of things.

I'm truly trying.

After doing exhaustive research, we finally bought a nice exercise bike.  A Schwinn 130.  I got on for the first time last night and pounded out 18 miles.  I'll do a review after we both use it more.


It felt good to mix things up.  And yet...

I continue to struggle with my eating.  Some of it is just being trapped inside and bored.  So it's easy to munch a little here and there.  Not any big deal until you realize those little munches start to add up!!

The temps are supposed to return to reasonable levels by the weekend.  Here's hoping!!

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