Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015 everyone!!

Well, I stepped on the scale today and was rewarded with a concrete number defining what a complete and miserable failure I have been this year in maintenance.


According to the BMI chart, that means that if I gain just .6 pounds I will officially be in the “overweight” category again. 

I am ashamed of myself and what makes it worse is having to come on here and admit it to everyone who reads this blog.  I thought about lying.  Pathetic, huh?

But it’s a honest program, right?

I am feeling really down but I’m not out.  I started today with a treadmill run thanks to the weather outside looking like this:


Now that helps my mood – NOT!

I went 8 miles and then “wogged” another 1 and Mr. Achilles was a-okay with that.  Small favors.

So here we are -


Weight: 132.4

Measurements:  29.5 (under boobs), 28.5 (waist), 32 (hips).

Ug.  Please try not to judge me too harshly.

I will stand in roughly the same place on Superbowl Sunday – February 1st.  I hope to have better news to report!!


  1. Happy New Year! Despite some weight gain I still consider you to be a maintenance success! Last year you posted 2014 was a year to live dangerously. Maybe 2015 could be a year to get back to basics?
    Thanks for sharing your journey .

  2. Thanks for your support - and I think you are 100% right about getting back to basics!

  3. I'm sorry. I know I don't know you, but I fail to see the problem here.

    I got the name 'Jen Mosher' from reading a story in Carlos Cabezas' newsletter "Takeaways from the First Four Trim Endeavours Interviews" ( I did a Google search to verify the story, which brought me to here.

    If you're the same Jen Mosher in the story who lost 225 lbs. from a high of 344 lbs., then that means that you were down to 119 and are now up to 132.4, at least from what I'm reading. So...what's wrong here?

    I've only skimmed your site and have seen just a couple of pictures of you, but your change was phenomenal and you look absolutely great. Why are you being so hard on yourself? Can't you see that you're still an inspiration to everyone who's been following you or for those - like me - who have sought you out to see how you did it?

    I guess I don't understand why you're apologizing to everyone. Me, I'm a 44 year old guy who weighs 350 lbs. and found a person who had a weight loss situation like what I'm about to face, so I looked her up (one of many) and found that she did it AND kept it off. What an inspiration! Who cares if you gained back 13 lbs.? You picked your goal, you achieved it, and you kept the weight off, all the while maintaining yourself as a beacon of hope to others, so maybe you should focus on the accomplishments and not the minor setbacks. You're not a failure and I can't see how anyone could think otherwise.

    Anyways, I'm sorry for the soapbox. Like I said, I don't know you, so it's probably inappropriate to rant like this. I just hate to see anyone achieve so much and then become their own worst enemy. You've done a lot of good, both for yourself and for others. Relish in that and don't let the small stuff get you down.

    1. It is comments like yours that help ground me to reality, so I thank you! I guess the fear of becoming fat again always lingers in my mind, so a 13 pound gain seems like the inevitable beginning of a slide backwards and that is terrifying, as I'm sure you might understand.

      But, I did this once, and I can certainly do it again. And I know that you - who is only starting your journey can do it too!

      I hope that you find this blog useful and always feel free to slap me into reality!!