Friday, January 30, 2015

Trying to end well!

As this week ends and we are about to say goodbye to January, I'm in pretty good spirits after some rough patches this month.

When I weighed in on January 1st I was pretty horrified with myself.  And February 1 is not going to be much better.  But I am choosing - for today anyway - to celebrate some minor victories.

Late yesterday my boss came in to do an annual evaluation.  It's a pretty routine thing.  But she let me know that she had been contacted to get her approval for the powers that be to give me a special assignment.  I went to a training on a new computer thing a few months ago and apparently the trainers were so impressed with me that they want to use me to do a beta test on the new software and then use me to train other people.  It feels good to be recognized and to know that I stand a bit above the crowd in something.

Last night I had a hair appointment and got home late.  Marc was in the basement riding the exercise bike.  I really didn't want to change my clothes and immediately head down to start running on the treadmill, but I convinced myself to.  At that point I had run 28 miles this week and I told myself that even if I only did 2 miles, that would mean a 30 mile week.  Something that hasn't happened in months and a couple months ago I was afraid would never happen again!

I ran a slow and patient 5 miles and was pretty happy with that.

I am really trying to find some balance and remembering what all this is about.

The weather is still just killing me - it has been day after day after day of freezing cold temps, and there is no light at the end of that tunnel.  The darkness keeps threatening to overtake my mind.  So I am focusing on taking things one day at a time and trying to claim victories where I can.

It's working today...


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