Sunday, January 11, 2015

Knowing versus Doing…

Back when I was fat, I went to the doctor’s for a pap smear so I could get my birth control pills refilled and they ran a cholesterol test.  It came back high.

I am assuming because I was only in my mid-30’s and it wasn’t that high they wanted me to try dietary changes instead of talking about medication.  I say assuming because NO ONE – not the doctor or the nurse or anyone had a conversation with me.  Not about the cholesterol, not about my weight.

Instead they MAILED me some paperwork on how to lose weight.  Which included eating right and exercising.

Even though it hurt a little – a slap of reality usually does, I snickered when I opened and read it.  I thought “These people must think I’m a FUCKING IDIOT!”  You mean the way to LOSE WEIGHT and GET HEALTHY is to EAT RIGHT AND EXERCISE??!!

Stop the fucking presses!!  If only someone would share this secret information with the world, we’d all be healthy and skinny!!!


OF COURSE I knew that.  And so does everyone else, right?  It’s not the KNOWING that’s the issue, it’s the doing.

And that challenge continues.  I know this:


I KNOW this.  I PREACH this.  And yet?  I’ve been eating badly this weekend.  But I got on the treadmill today and PUSHED myself.  Pushed and pushed.  And managed 12 painful miles.

For what? 1,000 calories?  Hardly a dent.  And I’ll be shocked and disappointed when I step on the scale tomorrow.  Except I won’t.

Because I KNOW.  I just don’t want to DO!

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