Monday, January 12, 2015

The Magical WHAT?

This was my dinner tonight:


What we have here is a Swai fillet, some steamed veggies and – what I want to talk about – BEANS.

Yes, these are black beans that have been cooking in the slow cooker all day.

If you have not discovered the joy of beans in your move to healthy eating, it’s time you started.  Beans are AMAZINGLY good for you.

You can buy them canned and they are still good, but we prefer to buy ours dry and cook them from scratch.  They take time – you don’t just cook them up on the fly – but that’s the healthiest way to eat them. 

You get a ton of fiber, they are extremely high in protein, contain a vast amount of iron, and regulate blood sugar.  They help you feel fuller longer and have enormous anti-cancer, pro cardio health benefits. 

Do they give you gas?  Yup, but most healthy foods, including raw veggies, do.  Consider every fart that you let fly an example of how healthy you are eating!!

So grab some beans, cook them up, and enjoy.  There are a ton of different varieties – I think I like black, kidney and pinto beans the best.  But they are all extremely good for you!


  1. Today was my first true day back, I tried last week but by slipped up this weekend...I refused my Monday scale ritual. Instead I gave myself a good pep talk (after a clothing pity party). Day one down, the rest of my life to go.

  2. You got this - welcome back! There's your whole life wonderfully laid out in front of you!!!