Thursday, January 15, 2015

There’s always a “reason”

I really appreciate you guys reaching out to me.  I get so down on myself when I go off plan.  I wonder if I'll ever be able to get this right.

Because there will always be LIFE right?  It will always be Monday or Friday or too cold or too hot.  There will always be a wedding or funeral or holiday or something that throws a wrench in the works, and I just don't find myself that adaptable.

Today I had brought my cell phone into a meeting just in case there was mews I needed to hear about Dad.  So when I got a text from Marc I immediately opened it a little worried.  Have I told you I have the best husband in the world?  It wasn't bad news.  Instead it was a text telling me that he was thinking about how hot I looked when I left for work this morning.

It may have been a lie, but it was a lie that made me smile!

And for my lunch hour I did P90X Plyometrics and then had a good healthy lunch.

I don't think I have the will or discipline right now that I once had.  And I'm reeeaaalllyyy starting to doubt that I will ever see 119 on the scale ever again.  When I see some people on fitness sites that are so sculpted and fit I both admire and envy them.  And it does makes me feel guilty and like I'm a failure. 

But then again, I have my own strengths to accompany my weaknesses.  Some days I'm doing to be right on plan.  And some days?  Not so much.  Can I live with that????


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