Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A sense of peace?

I knew that I had been under a lot of stress - but I think it's one of those things where you might not realize how much it is effecting you until it's NOT.

Yesterday was a great day!  I felt calm and in control for the first time in soooo long.  I ate well during the day and came home and ran on the treadmill for 7 miles and it didn't feel like a chore.  After a healthy dinner, I didn't feel snacky at all.  I was settled - physically and mentally.

I feel good today, too.  Relaxed and positive.  I think couples that have been together a long time feed off each other's energy and Marc is noticeably in better spirits - for obvious reasons!  So there’s more beneficial energy in our home – if you believe in things like that.

I don't know for sure that it's a relief of worry that is causing this shift. But let me tell you, it feels GOOD.  I just hope that it lasts!!

Physically, my Achilles is really good.  I am getting so tired of spending a good 45 minutes in the evening stretching and foam rolling and then afterwards hooking myself up to the electrical stimulation (sounds fun but it not!).  BUT I can't deny that it is making a world of difference  - if I want to be pain free, this is the small price to pay.

Not wanting to eat sweets all the time is a surprising and welcome gift so far this week!

I will brave the scale - reluctantly - tomorrow.  I'm so disgusted with myself right now, but I feel hope - real hope - for the first time in too long!!


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