Sunday, January 4, 2015

The ever changing motivation…

Remember when I said yesterday that if this were easy everyone would be thin?  That’s because it isn’t.  And one day you’ll be highly motivated and other days, you’ll get the fuck-its.

I got up this morning and saw 130.4.  So I inched down a little.  But then I looked at last year’s blog post to see that the Sunday after New Year’s I was bragging about being 118.2.  So that’s a 12 pound gain.

The weather outside was a miserable freezing rain.  But I resolutely began cutting stuff up for the beef stew I planned to cook in the slow cooker.

When I got on Facebook, someone had posted this and it was exactly how I was feeling!


I felt antsy but I didn’t want to do shit.

But after eating a huge lunch, I knew I had to get my ass moving.  So I headed downstairs and started the treadmill, feeling oh so very sorry for myself. 

But I persisted, watching the football game, and was shocked when I lifted the towel after being POSITIVE I had run approximately 1200 miles to find I had run 3.08.

So I gritted my teeth and kept going.  The first half came to an end and I continued to run and realized that I had virtually NO ACHILLES PAIN.  Which meant no excuse to stop.

I ended up doing my longest run in what feels like FOREVER – 11 miles.  I came upstairs and felt somewhat victorious.

The beef stew is looking good!


So it’s not always easy and it’s not always fun.  But I certainly won’t regret the workout!!  And I hope the scale will reward my efforts!!

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