Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thaw me out!!

Poor Marc!  When the alarm went off this morning, he had to crawl out of bed, get bundled up and snowblow the driveway.  Dexter is an all wheel drive and does great in snow, but there was two feet - yes two miserable feet - of snow in the driveway.  

Fortunately the lake effect headed south but it was deceptive!  It looked beautiful out but by noon was 2 degrees out with a "feels like" temp of MINUS 24!!!  

If you are lucky enough to have never felt temps like these, I envy you!  If you have you know exactly what I mean that when I say I left work and walked through the snow to my car and the snot froze instantly in my nose.  The snow made that squeaky crunch sound as I walked.  

I got home and stomped into the house.  I threw my bag down and yelled to Marc " Why the fuck do we live here??!?" I'm sure he was thrilled  I was home!

I haven't been having the easiest time with motivation lately and frozen weather doesn't help.  But I did manage to get some miles in on the tready.

So tomorrow is one week since I bit the bullet and weighed in.  I soooo hope the scale gives a bit and lends me some hope!!!

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