Tuesday, May 29, 2012

6 weeks post-op appointment...

Lots to talk about today so bear with me!  The first challenge was getting down to the appointment.  Now you haven't lived in Northern NY unless you've had to drive through lake effect snow hell.  But today it was the rain!  Talk about torrential downpours!  I was creeping along with my flashers on and sliding all over the road.  It has to be some of the worst weather I have ever driven in.

Finally we arrived and I met with Dr. DeRoberts.  Like me, he is not completely happy with the belly button.  He said that my stomach hung so low and he had to shorten the umbilicus so much that it scarred bad.  He wants to give it until the next appointment to see if the scar decreases and looks better, otherwise we may be looking at some sort of revision.

Everything else is healing very well though.  He thought that I had some fluid build-up in the opposite side of where the seroma was.  However, after inserting the large needle several times, nothing came out, so he thinks it must be swelling only.  I told him I ran 4 miles at lunch so that could be the culprit.  It is nothing to worry about either way.

This was unexpected, but the doc lasered my entire incision line.  We went into his room where he has a large laser and he began zapping me.  He said that it will be black and blue for about a week, but after that it should help the redness of the scar fade much faster and more evenly.  The laser stung each time he zapped a section, but it wasn't too bad even for this wimp.  I got home and - HOLY COW - I am already covered with black and blues along the incision - like someone smacked me repeatedly along that line.  It's pretty weird looking.

There is a fairly hard scar in the very back where I sat during my healing.  It's right on the top of the butt crack, so it doesn't bother me that much cosmetically or practically.  But the doc injected both this and the belly button with a steroid to hopefully have the scarring decrease.  I appreciate his attention to detail and concern that this come out as perfect as can be.

For 6 weeks in, he said I am in "great shape" and the best news is that I get to resume working core and abs!  Yay!  I asked him if there was any chance I could rip the muscle repair and he said that this would be nearly impossible even if I was trying to rip it.  So - being the dork I am - I came home and had to do some crunches.  There is definitely a different feeling.  I am not sure if this is 1) because the ab muscles are now in a different place having been pulled back together where they belong and sewed, or 2) I've been careful not to work my abs and they are under-used.  Probably a bit of both.  I am excited because core exercises are some of my favorite workouts and I have missed them!  Yoga, here I come!

I am also freed from the compression garment.  I no longer have to wear it at night or when I exercise.  He said that if I want to wear it if the swelling gets bad after exercise, I can, but it's not necessary.  I am sleeping NAKED tonight baby!   

As I was leaving the doc gave me a surprise about an upcoming visit, which I'm keeping secret for now.  No, it's not a free surgery - LOL - not that earth shattering.  However, it is something I'm excited about.  I'm not going to tell right now, so you'll have to stay tuned!

My next visit is 2 months from now.  I'm hoping the incision fades well and the belly button fixes itself!


  1. What is the news!

  2. Have not been on to check on your progress...I am so excited to follow you...I am just a little over a month away from my surgery. I liked reading how good they are taking care of you, and making sure your scars are minimized as much as they can. I didn't think the belly button was bad, looked small to me...but I am in the same place you were....mine is huge...so what really is normal?? I cannot wait to hear what this exciting news is...keep your blogs up I love them!

  3. Sounds like you have a great and caring doctor how GREAT!!!This had to be such a huge step for you to take and not cheap!I am tickeled for you that you are able to get back to your exercise!

  4. Hey! I stumbled upon your blog totally by accident but ended up reading your story. Yours is a really inspiring journey, and it really made my day reading it. :) Thanks and congratulations to you. Take care!!