Saturday, May 26, 2012

Out in public in a bikini!

Never thought this day would happen.  I ventured out in public in a bikini!  Beautiful day, and so we headed to our favorite spot to hit the water.  Not quite warm enough to swim yet, but warm enough to enjoy the sun, play with the dogs and then take a long hike.  It was warm enough to be lightly clad, but hiking 5 miles through wooded paths was not too hot.  Here I am with my boys:
Speaking of my boys, I realize that those of you who don't know me IRL, probably don't know that much about them.  

Chakotay is the brindle boy.  He turns 3 in July.  He is incredibly sweet with a mellow and laid back personality.  However, he is also not to be messed with.  He is extremely protective of our property and of me.  A couple days after my surgery, a neighbor's dog ran into our yard.  Normally this would have sent him flying off the deck to chase the intruder off the property.  However, he instead moved and blocked the entrance to the deck with his eyes never leaving the strange dog.  Protecting me was his #1 agenda.

Archer is my white boy.  He will be 2 in July.  He is stubborn and willfull.  He is also hilarious and fun loving.  He is FULL of energy and loves especially chasing and leaping up after butterflies trying to catch them.  He also is very vocal and loves to cuddle.  He makes us laugh every day!

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  1. My last comment did not post. But just thought I'd let you know you look fabulous in a bikini. Like honestly, would not be able to tell you had any skin removal surgery. You rocked it! Oh and I love hearing about your boys. Got one myself. Love him to death! He is my baby. -Kris