Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another run...

Today I wore my compression garment and wow!  What a difference.  It held everything in while running so no irritation at the incision lines and absolutely no pain afterwards.  I'll tell you something - I'm not there yet, but when I get back in the groove, I think I'm going to be a LOT faster then I was pre-surgery.  I felt like I was flying today.  I knew that having all that skin bouncing around had to have some impact, but I think it had a lot more then I even knew.  My gait even feels more natural and I'm not leaning forward like I typically did - must be because I don't have to compensate for the extra flesh and pounds.  It's pretty exciting.

I came home and did P90X Stretch and it's pretty clear that I didn't just lose strength - like I discovered last night - but also a lot of flexibility :((  Hopefully both will come back fast.  I know that I still need to take it easy but I really don't like being held back.  Another 1.5 weeks until my recheck with the doc and hopefully I get full clearance to start working everything.
However, A hard sneeze today reminded me that the abs are still in healing mode!! 

A pic from today - 1 month post-surgery...


  1. You look adorable people from your past must not even recognize you! You look fantastic! DEVA

  2. You look phenomenal girl!! I have been following your blog. I actually look forward to reading a new entry from you. :) You are such an inspiration. I hope to one day be where you are (just started my journey 4 and a half months ago). Thanks for everything! -Kris

  3. Thanks Deva and Kris! Good luck on your journey, Kris! You can do it!!!