Thursday, May 24, 2012


I did one of my Zumba DVD's during lunch today.  It was a whole different experience  then before surgery.  Trying to move my hips fluidly proved to be a challenge. My core is still stiff from the surgery and the incision and pulled skin makes everything tight.  So trying to do some of the dancing type moves was tough.  The aerobics part was easier.

On the other hand, since Zumba incorporates latin dancing, there is a certain sexy component to some of the moves.  It was very hard to feel the music and feel sexy when there was skin bouncing all over.  Plus during the hip shaking and jumping - well, skin continued to bounce and jiggle even when I stopped.  

Today - WOW.  Doing Zumba in yoga shorts and a sports bra I felt really like I was doing the moves like they were meant to be done.  No self-consciousness swinging my hips and bouncing up and down.  I hope I made Beto proud :)))

My core needs work!  I hope I get the all clear next week!!

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