Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I ran!!

Woo hoo!  I was able to do my goal of 3 miles straight for my first run since the surgery.  Conquered it in 28:45.  So I didn't lose much speed or, it appears, stamina.  

It was definitely noticeable running without the huge amount of skin hanging in the front.  The incision bothered me a little when I started running.  I could feel - like - pulling on it.  Then as I warmed up, it got better.  But about 1 mile in, I could really feel it on my rear area and I was thinking "It feels like when your pants are 1/2 way down your ass."  A little bit later I reached around AND MY RUNNING SKIRT WAS 1/2WAY DOWN MY ASS!!!  It wasn't the incision at that point but instead the elastic waistband!!!!  OMG.  My running skirt is a medium and clearly I need to take it in some  LMAO.

The abs didn't hurt a bit during the run, but as soon as I stopped, there was definite pain.  It lasted about 30 minutes and then went away.  I didn't wear my compression garment while running and I think I will next time to see if that helps.  It also might help with the swelling.  I was told to expect a LOT of swelling when I resumed working out, but holy hell - I am so swollen it feel like someone could stick me with a pin and I would deflate like a balloon.

Weight lifting for the first time tomorrow!!

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  1. I am SO happy you did well on your run...you kick my but in speed!! Compression garment sounds like a great idea,hopefully after pain will lesson. I am sure weight lifting will feel great don't lift TOO heavy and strain.. BUT GO FOR IT GIRL!!!