Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My belly button...

So I am really happy about how everything turned out with my surgery - except my belly button.  It appears to be completely healed up.  BUT - I don't think that it looks like a normal belly button.  However, for my whole life I had a huge belly and therefore a huge hole and massive "innie", so I don't know that I know what is normal.  As I think I've told you guys, the surgeon kept the umbilicus intact but then poked it through the skin and manufactures the outside part of it.   

Here's a couple pics - let me know what you guys think - is this normal looking?  And please be honest - I see the surgeon next week and will talk to him about this!


  1. Well my vote is it looks pretty good, mine I had a laparoscopy {tubual ligation tubes tied} and my scars kiloid and Yours look better than mine and I have never heard anyone say anything.
    I AM SURE you see it up close and want every thing to be perfect...but truly it looks great...AND WHAT A FLAT STOMACH!!!! DEVA

  2. I think it looks fine!! It will heal up more nicely within time. Don't worry too much girl you look hott!!! And have a flat tummy. Wow! Ps- love your nails! -Kris

  3. Thanks to both of you! I guess I'll see what the doc says, but if think it looks normal, I'm going to try to stop stressing it!