Wednesday, May 2, 2012

As promised - pics!

Let's start at the beginning - this is me in the summer of 2005 - don't know if it as my highest weight, because I rarely let my pic be taken, it's the closest I have to a before pic.

 February 2011 - I had lost 100 pounds here.  I thought I looked awesome until I saw this photo - and then I burst into tears.
August 2011 - 150 pounds lost.

February 2012 - 200 pounds lost.

A few days before surgery - I had lost 208 here, but had the ton of excess skin that couldn't be hidden.

Same outfit after surgery - you can see how much better the pants fit!

And now for the money shots - I want to preface these by saying a couple of things.  First - the belly button is difficult to heal so that will look much better then it does right now.  Secondly, we took these pictures late in the day yesterday - after a full day of riding in the car and walking the mall and shopping.  So, I am very swollen.  I actually will look better then this.  The swelling combined with the compression garment also makes the stretch marks stand out - they will also look better, especially after they get tanned.  And finally, these before pics are so embarrassing to me - so be kind!

 Front a few days before surgery

Front - 2 weeks after.

Side before....

Side after
 When bent over, you can see how the skin just hung there....

Much better, obviously!

The big wrinkly butt and side muffins...


 Quite a difference!

And this is what I'm wearing to the beach this summer.  I still don't have a bikini body, especially with the stretch marks and stuff, but I don't give a shit - I'm wearing it anyway!  This is the best I have ever looked and if people don't like it they should look away!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I say, ROCK that bikini! You deserve it!!

  2. you are sooooo inspiring!!!! amazing!!! thank you for posting your photos and story!

  3. omg Jen - I can hardly believe it!!! I have been reading your blog every day and I could only imagine what you looked like. Unbelievable transformation. You are very inspiring. I am such a lazy exerciser - I started the walk/jog thing yesterday in hopes of giving myself a push. Looking at you is motivating. Congratulations!!!
    ... and yes the two piece suit is amazing.

  4. You are an inspiration!WOW like she says ROCK THAT BIKINI!!!!

  5. I love seeing your smile in that bikini pic! Yes! You should smile from ear to ear after all that you've accomplished. Show off your new bod! You earned the right :)

  6. I teared up seeing these photos. You look incredible! You were always a beautiful lady, even when you were bigger, but you look so happy now. You rock in that bikini girl! You are an inspiration :) You strut yourself at the beach this summer and if you catch eyes in your direction it's because you look amazing! Thank you for sharing

  7. Thank you so much for sharing. What an amazing journey and the results are outstanding. You've worked so hard and earned that body. Way to rock that bikini!

    You are an inspiration to me and I am 'bookmarking' this page so I can keep coming back to it!

  8. Thanks to everyone for saying such nice things and for making me confident I can wear the bikini without drawing disgusted looks!!

  9. I agree with the others. You look amazing. Cogratulations. :o)

  10. You. Are. Freaking. AWESOME!

  11. you look fabulous! and you are brave and awesome. amazing achievement! congrats!


    Thanks for sharing! You are an inspiration! You should totally rock that bikini - after the journey you've been on, you deserve to feel as good as you look.

  13. You look totally amazing! Way to go!

  14. I hope you have wonderful memories of strutting around that beach in your last outfit! WONDERFUL job -- you look just beautiful!!