Monday, May 21, 2012

Scar massage.

Not a lot going on here the last couple of days.  Marc and ran together yesterday - we did 4 miles in 37:36.  I am really happy about getting back into the groove of running.  I also have had a change in mindset about running.  For so long I've been feeling that I need to keep pushing myself to run further and further.  So if I was running 8 I need to challenge myself to run 10.  And I've realized something - I have NO DESIRE to be a long distance runner.  I don't want to run a marathon - and that's okay!  I'm in my happy spot running 5-7 miles at a time, so why try to force myself to run further if I don't want to?  That has been a load off my mind.  That's what I get for having marathon running friends...they think just because THEY want to run marathons that everyone who runs should want to, too.  Running for me is about good cardio and burning calories.  I get bored after about an hour of running.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about massaging the incision scar.  That is supposed to help it settle down to being a flat rather then raised scar, and also helps it fade quicker.  So I've been using cocoa butter on it twice per day and then Vaseline at night.  Massaging as I go.  And it appears to be working.  Although there's not much fade yet, it's getting pretty flat and even with the rest of my skin.  That is a good thing.  Even though it's not like anyone sees it except Marc and I, it is helping me feel more normal. 


  1. About your running...

    I'm not sure if Jessie ever told you this, but you were her inspiration to start running, and I have been trying to go along with it so I didn't get left behind. I figured running would be good exercise that I could do anywhere and I wouldn't have to join a gym and pay to do it. That was last spring. I remember her telling me about your beginnings with running, and thinking that running 3 minutes on a treadmill was amazing, and running 5 was more than I could imagine. I tried doing the couch to 5k thing last year, but my running partner got pregnant and stopped. This spring I joined a running group through Fleet Feet and we have a goal race on June 30 to run a 5k. I'm only on week 5 so far, but I can't believe we are running 12 minutes at a time! I had only barely made it up to 2 minutes at a time on my own! So, I just wanted to let you know that your 4 miles in 37:36 is still a miracle to me, but something I'd like to be able to do myself. And even if you don't want to be a marathon runner, you're still running more than most people, and it's an inspiration to me that I can do it too!


  2. Thanks so much, Shannon! And you can do it! It took me over a year to get to this point. When I started it was as much of a mental thing as a physical one. Keep pushing yourself and you will be a true runner in no time!!