Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shop til you drop!

Today was my day to take some time and go SHOPPING!  I'll tell you, it's a lot more fun now trying on clothes then it used to be.  Several hours later I'm home with bags full of clothes - much needed, not just because of the surgery, but I hadn't bought many summer clothes since last summer and they are way too big.

Want to hear something totally and completely ironic?  I used to be so discouraged going into stores because no one carried brands big enough to fit me.  Now?  I got annoyed today because in many of the things I was looking at, they didn't carry a small enough size!  Most things only went down to a size 6 and I am definitely a 4.  Can you believe it?  (I can't!)  Who would have ever thought I would be disgusted because I needed something SMALLER!

Today was also my first day out and about without the compression garment.  It feels very weird being without it.  But the good news is even with shopping and trying on clothes I don't feel sore at all.  I am tired, though.  Looks like the rest of the afternoon will be spent resting! 

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