Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The incision

I was allowed to take the tape off today to get a good look at the incision.  I am really happy with how it looks.  However, I do feel a bit like Frankenstein.  It literally looks like I was cut in half and pasted back together.  The top doesn't match the bottom, as they are different colors of skin and the skin marks don't match.

The incision is completely healed.  So I will begin moisturizing like crazy.  It is supposed to help the scar settle in and fade.  The info from the doctor's office recommended using cocoa butter.  So that's what I will be using during the day.  For the night, I will be putting on a thick layer of Vaseline on.  I read several studies on the net that Vaseline works just as well - if not better - the expensive scar cream like Mederma.  

 In this front pic, you can see he cut right along the pubic line.  On MY right, you can also see that I still have a little bit of a seroma .



  1. Looks like its healing well with time things will fade.I have some pretty nasty scars{kiloids that you can barely see now from surgryfrom broken bones} And there is always tanning booths if you believe in them {I use to but I am 60 this month and just let my white hang out} I am just so happy you were able to have this surgrey,I am sure it will give you even more confidence! DEVA

  2. Thanks, Deva!

    I'm not too worried about the scars. I tried on the bikini again and you can only see the very top of the scar in the back. I don't use tanning booths, but will use the real sun!!! Between that and the moisturizing, I know they will fade.