Monday, May 7, 2012

I can sing again!

Like I said in a prior post - there are so many things we use our abs for that we just don't think about.  Shortly after the surgery I was sitting in my recliner using the laptop and listening to Sirius radio over Dish Network (it was Hair Band Radio if any of you are wondering ;) ) and I began singing along... OW!!!  I always have known to sing "from the diaphragm" but apparently that encompasses the abs as well!  So I have been unable to sing because it actually hurts.

My abs seem to be healing up well now.  There are times when I actually forget that I've had this major surgery.  Yesterday I played some music and was able to sing along.  The abs could feel it, but it didn't hurt.  Also yesterday, Marc and I walked the longest I have since the surgery and I noticed that "buzzing" feeling in my abs was extremely faint.  

Where the seroma was still has a little bit of fluid in it, but since it's probably 1/3 the size that it was when I saw the doc I'm not worrying.  Tomorrow the tape comes off and I can really get a good look at the incision and start moisturizing it like crazy to help diminish the scarring.

Today it's supposed to be really nice out, so I'm going to try to get out and get some things done in my garden beds to get them ready for planting.  Cutting back old stuff and things like that shouldn't be too much.

This is my last week off before returning to work, so I'm going to try to milk it for everything it's worth!

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  1. Just found your blog from checking out some MFP success stories and just had to write you to congratulate you on your weight loss success. You look AMAZING!! Reading success stories is the one thing that's really keeping me going these days. They are so inspiring.... so thank you!