Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One month in...

I had my surgery 1 month ago today.  Wow.  In some ways it feels like just last week.  My belly button is finally almost healed up.  Most of the time I feel really good.  Going back to work has been challenging - mostly in terms of getting tired out more easily.  Combine that with getting back into the exercise routine and this has been an interesting week so far.

I lifted weights for the first time today.  I focused on arms and back.  I wore my compression garment and hardly felt anything at all in my abs.  The exception to this was when I started to do push-ups.  2 push-ups in and my abs were like "HELLO!" so I stopped.  I am really surprised that I have lost a LOT of strength in this month.  I cut the size of the weights and still had challenges with some of the moves.  I imagine I can gain in back pretty quick but it caught me off guard.  I bet I feel it tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow I'm going to take some 1 month in pics - I really want to document my progress and see what - if any - changes can be seen in the first few months. 

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