Saturday, November 1, 2014

Taking on November

Wow – it’s November.  I can’t believe this year has gone by so fast!

November is a mixed bag for me – we “fall back” tonight which means the sun will set depressingly early.  The desire to crawl into my PJ’s and cuddle up under a heated blanket the SECOND I get home will be overwhelming.

I had a goal for 2014 – to get in at least 2,000 miles.  Despite totally falling off the wagon in my running, I racked up 247 miles in the month of October and sit pretty at 1,935 miles year to date.  So I will clearly make my goal and much more.

I signed Marc and I up for the Turkey Trot this morning.  My goal to weigh less then 125 that morning seems so close and yet SO FAR.  Especially since I can only seem to hold my motivation to eat rigorously well for a few days in the row before going off the rails.

My other goal – to be healthy enough to run that short 5K – seems more realistic.  The treatment I am getting continues to have an increasingly positive effect.  There is still pain, but the swelling is almost completely gone!

Speaking of my PT treatments, I took some pics!









This is me wrapped in a heated pad prior to treatment.









Then I lay face down on the bed so she can treat my Achilles.









The room is dimly lit and peaceful with soft music playing – there are some pretty decorations on the ceiling which I don’t see due to lying face down.









And then the ultrasound machine that is used to drive to cortisone in.

After treatment, we head into their gym for 10 minutes of challenging exercises designed to work my Achilles.  Friday’s workouts involved jumping on a mini-trampoline, box jumps, towel hops and Heisman jump-holds.

The weather continues to be largely uncooperative.  I am facing the last 2 months of the year in an unsteady but not bad place mentally.  Onward and upward?

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