Saturday, November 29, 2014

It’s that time of year!

We spent yesterday decorating the house for Christmas.  Each year we trade off who in our family hosts, and this year is our turn so I really wanted to make it fully decorated.

I always hate after Christmas meticulously  putting away the lights into their boxes and each ornament and decoration into its box, but boy, it is worth it every year when we get everything out!  No wrestling with lights and swearing in this household!  We have to replace some blown bulbs, of course, but everything has been put away so precisely that we just have to place everything in its Christmas place!

I got out the dogs sweaters – the are always SO PROUD to wear them – it’s pretty funny.  They jump around and just show off!















I’m hoping for a warm up to put some lights up outside…that would be a bonus!

I also spent yesterday decidedly NOT back on track food or exercise wise.

So today I resolved that I was not waiting until Monday to get on the wagon!  I grabbed the dogs and went out into the cold morning air.  We ran/walked 6 miles and I really challenged Chakotay who is not a fan of running.  But he did great, including running a full mile our last mile.

I felt great about this and ate a healthy lunch and when we went in to pick some necessities up, I ignored the sweets on clearance and instead bought items for my turkey chili.

Once again, it’s a one day at a time program, and for this day, I’ll claim success!

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