Saturday, November 22, 2014

Feel the flow....

Feel the flow is a common phrase they use in yoga.  Right now I'm feeling that flow.   I think I've mentioned here before that many times in my life I've felt like a spectator of my life.  But right now?  I feel grounded and peaceful.

The last couple days we've been setting up our new cable and especially internet.  For those of you that have had high speed internet for years - like the rest of the civilized world, it's probably difficult for you to understand how truly life changing it is for us.

I know I told you guys about buying a TV earlier this summer.  It is a smart TV.  So the last 2 days, Marc and I streamed yoga videos from youtube - it was so effing cool!  I know I'm a dork.

Today we worked out and then went into the store so I could buy what I need to make the dishes I bring to Thanksgiving.   It was still early when we got home and I reluctantly started cleaning the kitchen which was a disaster area.  I hate cleaning, but once I start - I was feeling the flow - and attacked the rest of the house.  A couple hours later, I had a very clean house and that priceless sense of having accomplished something.

Marc chose an extremely challenging yoga video - as I sit here 4 hours later my shoulders are still aching!  And then I made a cheesy cauliflower soup for dinner.

I feel in the zone.  I'm even not having fits about my weight today!  How long can I hold onto this?  My grip is tight!!

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