Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ending on a high note!

I remember the first of this month.  We were on vacation, Marc and I and our boys took a long hike.  Life was grand!

Then we got home.  I faced the scale and have been stuck at a horrible number all month long.  Archer got sick.  Physical therapy is going pretty well, but I lost desire to run.  I've been feeling BLAH and have just wanted this month to END.

I wasn't aware that Mr. October is a sensitive fellow and he couldn't bear leaving with us on bad terms.  So he decided to step up his game.

First he had a talk with the scale and worked out a compromise.  I was 126.3 this morning.  Certainly not where I want to be, but headed in the right direction.

Over the last day or so Archer's ear has seemed better.  Instead of a thick river of yellowish green goo gushing out, it has been a bloody pink trickle.  The vet visit this morning confirmed that he is healing well.  I was hoping he would be completely better by now, but like the scale we're headed in the right direction.

And then today I went for a run.  There was no arguing with myself or insisting that I HAD TO run because I'm so fat.  It was simply a "I think I'll run a few miles.". And so I ran 3 - and then I felt like continuing so I ran 3 more.  And I felt great even though it was cold and cloudy.

So I'm pretty happy to be ushering October out on a high note!  And I hope Mr. October lets Miss November know that I deserve to be treated right!!!


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