Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Get bent…

I’m not broken, just bent a little bit.  And for today?  I’m okay with that.

I expected to be in a deep funk after the news yesterday, and I did spend some time feeling anxious and also sorry for myself.  But I got home and instead of eating myself into a food coma, which Fat Jen really wanted to do, I ran on the treadmill.  And I was okay.

I then made dinner and really felt okay about the world.

I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a disappointing 127.9.  Far away from where I wanted to be.  And yet I still didn’t succumb to depression.

I am bent.  My weight, my Achilles, but I’m not broken – I’m okay.

I will run in the Turkey Trot tomorrow and won’t have the best time.  I will spend the day with family.  I will laugh and eat way too much! 

That’s OK!

Because what I’m starting to realize is that being a little bit bent?  It’s a hell of a lot easier then constantly trying to be straight every minute of every day.


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