Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A wacky day!

What a bizarre day!  I got up to pee twice in the night and we had no snow.  So I thought we were home free.  But then the alarm went off and the first words I heard?  “Oh SHIT!” from Marc.  We couldn’t even see the chicken coop that sits just a few feet from our bedroom window!

So I take a shower, eat breakfast and get all ready and head into this:


As I headed in, 3 cars were off the road.  But then, just a few miles from my house?  Cleared up COMPLETELY.  That’s how lake effect works!

I went into physical therapy.  While I was sitting there, I got a text that they were closing all building owned by the county.  So after physical therapy I got to head home.

Marc and I did P90X Plyometrics and were watched almost the whole time by this guy:


It was blizzard conditions, so I didn’t even take the dogs out to play!  The high winds made for frigid temps.

I managed NOT to eat myself into a food coma, but trust me, I wanted to!  I was, for some reason, nervous and hyped up. 

On the bright side, I got good news at physical therapy today and have another appointment tomorrow – I’ll fill you in, then.  So – other then this weather – I hope things are looking up!!

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