Monday, November 10, 2014

Sometimes things fall into place...

I get so frustrated when I make plans and they don't work out.  Sometimes - amazingly - things just fall into place!

That was today.  A few weeks ago I started thinking that I had a small gift certificate to use in a store that we don't have here, but there is one in Syracuse.  I told Marc that I had Veteran's Day off, and if I took off today I would have a 4 day weekend, and if the weather held up that one of the days we could take our bikes down, ride a nice trail system down there, and then head to the store to use my gift certificate.

The weather predictions all this week showed that today would be perfect - not much wind, partly sunny and temps in the 50's.  And - for once - they were right!  Bikes loaded we headed down to the Onondaga Lake Trail.

It was an awesome ride.  What a difference riding on a long, fast, flat trail rather then the hilly, windy, high traffic areas around here!  It was a beautiful day.  We only went 20 miles, but had a great time!

We then headed over to another short trail and checked that out.  Finally we hit the store and then headed back.

We stopped at Walmart to grab a couple of things and to get something for dinner.

We got home and all I wanted was a HOT shower, my PJ's and dinner - I was starving!

We barely walked in the door when our doorbell rang.  I almost yelled for Marc to ignore it, but then I heard him say "Hi!" - and BOY - was I glad he answered the door!!!!

To be continued....

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