Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Cable Guy...

Marc and I moved into our house in 1998.  We live pretty rural, although a main highway passes near us.  At the time, we tried to get cable but it didn't even go down the main road.  So we got Direct TV and used dial-up to access the internet.

A few years later, they ran cable down the main road.  We were excited not just so much for cable, but for getting high speed internet.  But even though the cable went .25 miles from us, Time-Warner told us that the cost would be $11,000 to run it!  Are you kidding??

They then ran it down our remote road from the opposite side.  And stopped .7 miles from us.

We have been battling, battling and battling with them for years.  I've written nasty e-mails to them.  I've called and harassed them.  And still we were living in the hell of no high speed internet.  We bought a Mifi card a few years ago.  Better then dial-up, but still agonizingly slow.  We talked about paying for satellite, but it is extremely expensive and people we know  who have it are largely unhappy with the service.

So we can't watch videos or anything streaming.  We can't download anything as even a small file takes hours.  With the internet increasingly being necessary for everyday things, it has been a little slice of hell.

This summer we noticed a company running a line from a cell tower near us to the road.  The workers  were contracted to run it and told us it was a fiber-optic line and they didn't know anything else. 

Hoping against hope I called Time-Warner again.  I actually received a call back from a local employee named Phil.  He knew exactly who I was and where I lived (I wonder if he knows all the nasty things I've said about his company?!)  He told me that T-Mobile had contracted with them to run and line and yes, because of that, finally, after all these years he could get us service.  He said that he had been "trying to get you guys service for years!"

He told me it would take up to three months to run the line.  I told him I didn't believe it would really happen and he assured me it would.  July ended, August, September passed and we saw nothing.  I called Phil's cell phone and he assured me that they were waiting for a "build order" from the powers that be, but it was going to happen.  And then?  2 weeks ago Marc saw them running a line to the pole near us.  Could this really be happening?

After not hearing from them, I called Phil again on Friday and told him it was his favorite stalker calling.  He laughed and said that line was all set but now they needed a "turn on order". 

So last night we arrived back from our ride and I told you guys that we heard the doorbell.  It was around 6:30 PM and we wondered who the heck it cold be.  It was David from Time-Warner.  "I hear you want internet?" he said.  I said "Since 1998!!"  He laughed.  I'm glad he thought it was funny! 

And within minutes there was a signed contract and the promise of "in a few days" he would have us up and running.

Marc is beyond excited.  I am happy, but until I am able to sit down and easily watch my first cute kittens playing video on Youtube, I'm not going to believe it's real!!! 

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