Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sliding into danger….

Ok, it’s not danger exactly, but we are headed into what most of us would label as the season to stuff our faces.

Yes, Thanksgiving to New Year’s is – at least for me – the most wonderfully fattening time of the year. 

Not only do we have all kinds of holiday celebrating, but we are also reaching the days where there is the least amount of light – which leads to depression and a desire for me to jab a knife in the eye of anyone who gets between me and carbs.

Now add this to the mix – I am horribly superstitious – did you know that?  And this time of year – within a few days of one another marks the following anniversaries:

  • My father’s death
  • A head on car collision
  • having to put my Rottweiler, Riker to sleep
  • The death of my ferret, Kira

It is not a good time of year.

I am headed into this holiday season with a reasonably good attitude.  It was mild today and most of the FEET of snow we had built up melted.  I got out first thing this morning and went on a walk/run with the dogs for 8 full miles.

I then ordered a couple of Xmas gifts online, played a couple computer games, did some laundry and then headed to the basement and ran on the treadmill while watching football.  Another 8 miles – we’ll see how Mr. Achilles reacts to that later….

I also ate extremely well today.  I just finished a brilliant home made pork stir fry dish loaded with fresh vegetables and brown/wild rice cooked in the rice cooker.

And I feel great about that – BUT, I’m going to be honest here – I can’t wait for Thanksgiving Day and all the indulgences it brings.

I am not going to make my weight goal on Thursday, either, which makes me feel like a bit of a failure.  But I’m not beating myself up, either, which is a victory in itself.
I continue to navigate and negotiate with myself.  Hold on tight – this should be an interesting sprint to the end of the year.


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