Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The BUZZZZ of healing?

We survived round 1 of the storm - I'd say we got pretty close to 2 feet.  AND guess what?  Round 2 is headed our way!  Good times, people - does anyone live in hot weather and have a guest house that you'd love to put me up in???

So let's talk physical therapy.  I told you about last Thursday and the woman who does mechanics.  Then Friday, I saw another woman who massaged and pulled on my Achilles, foot and calf.  Both days I also had the electrical stimulation and this weekend I felt really good!  A 6 mile power walk with the dogs and almost no pain.  Then the 7 mile run.  Which hurt, but nothing like in the past.

Yesterday another session of a specific squat designed to challenge the ankle joint and Achilles. Followed by the electrical stim.   I did plyometrics and went 5 miles on the dreadmill and very little pain during and almost no pain getting up in the night!

So today I saw the mechanics lady again.  She is firmly convinced that the answer lies in my ankle joint - me?  I think it's electrical stimulation that’s doing wonders.  Either way, something is working - and that is good.  The pain I feel is usually not TERRIBLE pain, it's just a chronic always there pain.  And the thing with chronic pain is that you sometimes don't even know it's there until you're not in pain!  So Saturday I suddenly realized - while in the shower - that I wasn't in pain!!  It was strange!

The physical therapist’s office is going to submit to my insurance for them to authorize me getting one of those stimulation machines so I can use it at home.  They cost - get this - $3,000!!!  So first we have to see if it's approved and then see how much of that they cover.

But I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!


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