Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shock therapy…

My friend did not win last night.  I am sad for her and, honestly, sad for the community.

This morning I went to PT and was seen by the actual physical therapist for a reevaluation.  She feels that I have made significant progress, but I still have pain and swelling, so she started today adding electrical stimulation.  Basically she took a sophisticated TENS unit and hooked 4 electrodes up and I received the stimulation for 15 minutes.  We'll be continuing that for a few sessions before deciding if we need to take another course.


My Achilles feels fantastic right now - of course I haven't run since Sunday, so that is probably part of it too.  But I am hoping that this  - quite literally - shocks my Achilles into submission.

My weight is holding stubbornly at 126.  I asked myself last night, again, after Marc offered me a mini Snickers bar (80 calories) and I reluctantly refused - how my life will be better if I can get back down under 120 - hell, I'd take under 125 at this point.

I don't have a concrete answer for that but my brain believes all would be right with the world if that was to happen.

I think that is magical thinking.  I also think that I'm making progress on that, but I'm not quite there, yet...


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