Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wait 5 minutes...

There's a big joke in this area - as I'm sure there is in many areas - "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes!"  That certainly feels true today.  Hard to believe that 1 short week ago, it was so cold and we were getting such a horrible blizzard that they sent us home early.  And remember that I seriously thought I could be killed the ride home was so unbelievably bad?

Well today it is cloudy and 40 degrees and I was able to get out and RUNNNNNN!  The sidewalks are still ice covered and slippery in places, but I managed.  It was glorious to get out of the basement.  Actually it was weird - I could tell that my gait had been changed a bit by running on the treadmill and it took about 2 miles for me to get into the groove, but by mile 5 I was flying.  7:55 minute miles, thank you very much!

Anyway, I bring this up, because the "wait 5 minutes" can be applied to our heads, too, can't it?  Last week at this time, I felt desperate and out of control.  I couldn't get a handle on my eating and I felt pathetic.

My weight was ok yesterday and then spiked back up today (sigh!) - but my head is better.  I wasn't perfect yesterday, but I ate well and exercised.  And I felt good.  Today I came back from my run and had the really healthy lunch that I had packed and I feel proud about my choices.

So that just goes to show - sometimes we have to get through the lows in order to get back in the highs.  And if you wait 5 minutes, you can get there.  Learn to ride the wave.   

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