Monday, January 27, 2014

Reviewing your goals

Ok, are you guys reviewing your goals like I suggested?  Research shows that people who make a New Year's Resolution typically make it 21 days before abandoning their commitments.  We're in day 27 so......???

Are you making it or have you given up?

Let's say this last week that you have not done so well - you've fallen back into old habits.  You've gotten the "fuck its".  Ok, that's no problem!  It's NEVER too late to turn around and come back to sanity.

I have had clients with a lot of sobriety under their belts and then one night they go out and get hammered.  What I tell them is that everything they learned during their time of sobriety - every change they made - no one can take that away from them.  They may have to reset their clean date, but every bit they learned from their sobriety is THEIRS.  AND, I always tell them - unless you're dead or in prison for life, you get another chance!

They same is true for the whole weight loss and fitness game.  It's not too late to start eating right again!  So you haven't worked out in a week.  WORK OUT TONIGHT!  Do it for 10 minutes.  Get back on the proverbial horse.

As I shared with you guys, I had fallen off track in a lot of ways wayyyyyy back in mid-December.  Since that time, I've had good days and bad, but really struggled to get my mind right.

And then last week I renewed my commitment to eating well and getting re-focused.  And the scale has been incredibly kind to me for my efforts. 

So let's renew our goals.  I still have some work to do on some of my goals and I don't feel completely out of the woods yet as far as my eating goes.  But unless I give up, it's not too late!!

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