Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dance with me!

The other night I was watching the show "BONES" and Sealy Booth said this:
"Sometimes you have to dance to the music that's given to you."
That slapped me right across the face, so being the dork I am, I grabbed my tablet and typed it in so I wouldn't forget it!

How true is this quote, though?  We don't always pick our lot in life, often it picks us.  And we can lament and cry and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can learn to dance to the music that's given to us.

What do I mean by this?  Well, I was born a short female.  That means that I get to eat FAR less then a 6 foot tall male to maintain my weight.  It's not fair, but I didn't get to choose being 5'1".  That the music that was given to me.

What other things do we need to learn to live with?  Well, some of us were born with faster metabolisms.  My sister-in-law eats like someone is about to steal food off her plate and yet she's always been skinny.  Genetics - do you come from a line of heavy people or are all your relatives thin?  

Do you have certain physical challenges that make losing weight hard - like diabetes?  Do you have physical limitations that prevent you from intense exercise?

Are you lucky enough to live comfortably or do you struggle paycheck to paycheck?  

Certain things you can change, but many of life's challenges you just have to face.

So, you can cry and whine about how harrrdddddd it is, or you can suck it up and look for the good in the music that is playing.

Yeah, I have certain things that make weight loss and maintenance challenging.  On the other hand those challenges have led me down paths I didn't expect.  Like it turns out, I'm naturally pretty good at running.  Who knew?  That doesn't mean I don't work hard or face obstacles, it means that I've leaned to dance to the music that was given to me.

And DANCE, I shall.  Care to join me in this dance?


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