Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1 week in!

So 1 week ago was New Year's Day.  January 1st.  The time to make life altering commitments!

So, the question is - how are you doing?  Is your motivation still high?  Are you following through with the plans that you made?

On Good Morning America this morning they were talking about how the Federal Trade Commission has ordered the makers of Sensa to return 26.5 MILLION dollars to consumers who bought their products.  I didn't think I knew what Sensa was, but as they were doing the story I remember seeing advertisements for the product that you are supposed to sprinkle on your food and it curbs appetite and you lose weight.


You are telling me that so many people believed that shit that they made millions of dollars?  I guess that shows how desperate - (and how LAZY I would argue) - people are to lose weight - quickly and easily.

They interviewed a guy who stated that he does not believe that there is any quick solution to weight loss and that long lasting change will not come in the form of a powder that you simply sprinkle on your food.  Instead it takes hard work and dedication.

If you are one week into this journey and are lamenting that it's HARD and you have so far to go, you are exactly right.  So you can keep soldiering on or you can say fuck it and throw in the towel.  Either way, time will pass.  

There is NOTHING that I can say to make this easier.  There is no magic pill or powder.  There is only YOU.

If you are trying - truly trying - then keep at it as best as you can.  You may falter - as I am now.  But if you are whining?  I have no sympathy for that.  Get your ass in gear.  Stop focusing on 6 months down the road.  That doesn't work for many of us.  Take it day by day.  Make this a true lifestyle change.  

You will get there, I promise.  You know the old phrase "A watched pot never boils"?  Well, a watched stomach doesn't shrink.  Eat right, exercise and let everything else will fall into place.

It did for me.  It can for you!!

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