Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gun control...

I am from an area where people cherish their guns.  My father had guns in the house while I was growing up, although he wasn't one of those gun-nuts.  So I balance having grown up with guns with my good liberal sensibilities that tell me that guns are way to mis-used in this country and we need sensible gun control.

I personally don't own a gun.  BUT if I had one and if I could find Mother Nature, I would shoot the bitch in the face.  

I woke up this morning to an air temperature of -31 degrees.  Yes, that was the actual temperature!  All the schools were closed because it would be downright dangerous for the kids to walk to school or even stand at the bus stops in this frigging weather.  AND they are saying that this artic freeze is supposed to last well into next week. 

I cannot describe how depressing this is for me.

Apart from the emotional aspect, I realized something last night - and it's kind of a "No duh!" but I had really never thought about it specifically like this.  In the nice weather, Marc and I typically have dinner and then head outside and play with the dogs or work on the garden or just hang out outside.

In this weather, after dinner I tend to gravitate to the computer.  And then I might head into the kitchen and start picking at things - a few raisins here, a couple of Special K Cracker Chips there - it's not terrible, but those calories can really add up!!  So that's part of the reason that my weight is up!

I had a great day of on plan eating yesterday and exercised really well.  And after dinner I didn't want to mess it up.  So instead of getting on the computer, I cleared out everything in our master bathroom, sprayed it down and then got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the hell out of the ceramic tile - which was really in need of a good cleaning!   It looked great afterwards and I felt good about not only being productive, but not mindlessly eating and sabotaging my good day.  

The question is how much longer can I keep this motivation up?  I am starting to get cabin fever really bad.  Winter has to go away soon, right?


  1. I am with you there! I'm over the cold winter! Take 400ish K-5th grade students, stick them in school all day and make them stay in for recess? Absolute chaos. Let there be sun! Let there be warmth! Spring, come quickly! :)

  2. Dayum girl!!! You win! Wound up kids would be my version of hell ;)

    C'mon spring!!!