Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I am alive!!

Around 1:30 PM today, I wasn't so sure that this would be true!!

I had to go into work today.  It was bad on the way in but got progressively worse.  They didn't give us the okay to leave until the storm was practically at it's hilt.  I am a Northern NY girl!  I have lived here all my life.  I learned to drive in this crap.  You can't scare me!

But today?  Holy fuck.  BY FAR this is the worst weather I have ever driven in.  I literally could not see anything but white in spots.  At one point I almost burst into tears because I was so scared.  I had NO IDEA if I was even on the road.  But I didn't dare stop.  And then - all of a sudden - there was a tractor trailer coming RIGHT AT ME.

I made it home unscathed.  But between the snow, the blowing and the cold (which makes the salt they use to de-ice the roads USELESS) I am in my version of hell.  

When I got home, this is what it looked like outside my house - and I am a several miles NORTH of the worst part of the storm.  

So, I get home, I haven't eaten yet.  I wish that stress and nervousness suppresses my appetite like it does for some people, but NOOOO.  Instead I was starving.  So I scarf down some lunch and then proceed to start nervously nibbing on everything I can find.  

What is the deal with that?  I mean I was home, I was safe.  Marc was here.  Everything was okay.  Except me.  I was nervous and pacing and EATING.

So it seems like there is a grand conspiracy to keep me from staying on track this winter.  I know it is my own choices, but I am having a hell of a time getting back into a rhythm.  If only the scale would sympathize!!  But instead I anticipate a stern reality check tomorrow.  

I did get 8 miles in on the treadmill.  So at least I haven't thrown everything to the wind.  

Stay safe everyone!!


  1. Reality check here: Two days ago you weighed 118 lbs. (Okay 118 POINT 2) How much could you really have eaten between now and then to be worrying about what the scale will say today? And even so, you have worked out EVERY day! Do your clothes feel tighter? I suspect, NO! Take a deep breath and applaud yourself for your continued commitment to fitness and good health. This will pass and spring will come again. In the meantime, stay safe and warm.

    1. Thanks for the reality check - although I am thinking that I was artificially low that day for some reason. Weight is up, morale is down, but you are right - this WILL pass!!!