Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back to basics!

"Holy shit!" That's what Marc exclaimed when he stepped on the scale on Sunday morning.  And I echoed the sentiment.  Both of our weights were up quite a bit that day.  Must be we had eaten something salty Saturday night as yesterday both of us had dropped back down a bit.  But when I say "back down" - well, both of us saw weights that we were not happy with.

I had yesterday off for the Martin Luther King Day Holiday and we had planned to take a trip to Syracuse to see some of the new stores at the expanded mall.  Marc had also gotten a Xmas gift he needed to exchange.  We had planned to eat out, and I knew that I would be eating too much and some naughty things.  And that's exactly what happened.  It was planned and deliberate.

But as of this morning, I have made a commitment.  For the next few days or weeks - however long it takes - I am - in my mind - NOT a maintainer.  Nope, I am in the active process of losing weight.  It is time for me to get back on track and that means back to basics.  And that means a different mindset.

The mindset that I had when I was losing was locked.  Certain things were "no-no's" - like snacking in-between meals.  Certain foods were simply not allowed.  As I entered maintenance, I relaxed those rules.  Which has made sense and has worked.  

But now as I find myself with a weight higher then I would like, it's time to buckle down again and get back to basics.

What does this NOT mean?  It's means that I don't get all crazy and start severely restricting.  It doesn't mean that I panic.  It just means that I get control NOW before things get worse.

Fortunately, I have kept up my exercise routine - that has been the saving grace, here.  So I don't have to get back on track there and the damage certainly would be worse if I had slacked off on that!

I have a pair of pants that my wonderful Aunt Karla gave me that are pretty snug.  I love these pants.  And I'm wearing them today and they don't feel any tighter.  So there is no need to freak out.  But, I also don't want to slide down a slippery slope, either.

I don't feel upset or sad, at least not yet!  LOL  Give me a couple of days where I've had to say "no" to myself and I might feel differently!  But I ate a wonderful healthy breakfast and have my healthy lunch in the fridge and that's the way it is and is going to be.  

On the weight loss site they talk about maintaining as being the process of gaining and losing 5 pounds over and over.  So guess what - I need to be a LOSER.  WHEN - not if but WHEN - I am back to my goal weight - however long it takes, then I will start relaxing the rules again.  It's just that easy and it's just that hard!

Wish me luck!!

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