Saturday, January 11, 2014

Inching my way forward...

How is everyone out there doing?  I weighed in this morning at 120.2.  It's still higher than what I would like to see, but I feel like I am inching back to normal.  

I did take my measurements - hip, waist and chest and I have not turned into a huge pile of ginormous fat, despite what my twisted mind tells me!!  If you are just starting this journey or are partway through or whatever - PLEASE do what I was not smart enough to do - take measurements!  They are much more indicative of your progress then a number on the scale.  

I often forget that.  But like I have always said - if I measured and my waist was 27 inches and my hips were 30 and the scale said 180?  Ok, that would never happen, but assuming I was otherwise fit and healthy, I'd be fine with that number.  You get what I'm saying, right?

We finally got the medal case hung today.  

It's weird - I looked at it with almost - nostalgia.  Like it's something way in the past and I'll never add another medal to it.

I think that this is because I've been relegated to the treadmill for what feel like forever.   So I feel like I'm a "fake" - not a real runner.  I'm sure that will go away as soon as the weather breaks and I can get back outside.  

So everyone - let's all keep moving along!  Some of us are doing great, I'm sure, and some like me are struggling, but you can't come down on someone who never ever gives up!!

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