Thursday, January 23, 2014

Did I actually lose a bunch of weight?

I find myself wondering that today.  No, not because my weight is still up, but because of my motivation level!

I am only 3 days in to being really good restricting my calories and I'm totally sick of it!  How the hell did I ever learn to live like this on a virtual daily basis for over 2 years?  Seriously!

Last night I found something productive to do once again to distract myself from eating after dinner.  I've shared with you guys before that we have an extra freezer.  In that freezer I keep all the extra meat organized and labeled in garbage bags.  I also have the veggies that I froze from the garden and frozen things that I bring to work for lunch.

All of that information is on a chalkboard in our pantry.  So, for example, when I pull out some chicken breasts for tomorrow's meal, I cross out the number and write in the new number.

It's a pretty good system - I can buy meat that's on sale and since it's just the two of us, we don't eat a lot at one time, and I really dislike leftovers.  So the frozen meat is easy to pull out the night before and it's thawed and ready for dinner the next day.  

But Marc and I sometimes forget to cross things off and sometimes the freezer gets really disorganized.  So I pulled everything out of the extra freezer as well as our regular freezer and counted what we have and got it all nicely organized.  For a Type A freak like me, getting organized like this is a little slice of heaven.  

So I was happy to get it done - and now I know for sure what we need and don't need the next time I go grocery shopping.

But I'm not sure how many more projects I can keep distracting myself with.  Seriously - how the hell did I do this when I was actively losing?

I have been rewarded by seeing the scale's numbers drop ever so slowly, but I'm still well above where I want to be [insert foot stomping temper tantrum here]

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  1. You're definitely on your way, Jennifer. Don't give up now! You have gone so far trying to lose weight. All you need is more projects to distract you from eating and sleeping right after dinner. Maybe you can try taking up a new hobby so you can have something to make the time pass by.

    Karla Gaudette