Thursday, January 10, 2013

You are NOT "selfish"...

I'm going to write today about something I feel passionate about and I know not everyone will agree with - so hang on!

Are you taking this journey alone or with others?  I imagine many of you that are reading this have families.  A significant other and/or kids.  If you are part of the "typical" American family and you need to lose some weight and get in shape, chances are that other people in your family do, too. 

I have been hearing a lot about people - usually women - that are beginning their weight loss journey who are facing resentment from their husbands and/or their kids.  They are being told that they are being "selfish" because they don't want certain foods in the house. 

Let me tell you this - if you are doing this right, YOU ARE NOT BEING SELFISH BY NOT ALLOWING CRAP IN YOUR HOUSE!!!  Your husband does NOT need a dozen donuts sitting out on the counter.  Your son does NOT need a freezer filled with processed crap like microwaveable pizza.  You are not being totally selfish by cooking brown rice for dinner rather then Ore-Ida french fries.

You are doing your family a FAVOR by role modeling healthy living including good eating habits.  There is only so much that you can control, but I would encourage you to do it.  Don't buy unhealthy foods for yourself or anyone else.  Buy lots and lots of healthy foods and try to get your family to eat them.  Baby carrots, fruit, protein bars are all good suggestions.  Cook healthy meals and make it clear that this is what you are cooking and you're not going to make something healthy for yourself and crap for them.  Try to get your kids to go out on a walks with you. 

If hubby makes a choice to stop on his way home and buy a greasy burrito and a carton of cigarettes, you might not be able to stop him.  BUT you DO NOT have to enable his behavior.  And you are not a doormat - this is your house and you have decided to make changes and they can get with the program or tough titty. 

I would strongly encourage everyone to think of this journey not just as a journey of weight loss.  This is about finding yourself and becoming powerful and confident and beautiful and STRONG.  You control your own destiny.  You are the parent - do what is best for your kids and that means making choices for them sometimes that they are not going to like.  You know how hard this is for you, well it's tough for them, too.  Suck it up - they will be grateful later when they don't face some issues we have faced due to weight issues - physically and emotionally!

As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink BUT YOU CAN MAKE HIM THIRSTY!!  Make your family thirsty!

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