Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A day in the life...

I have been asked to talk about my typical day when it comes to food and exercise as well as just getting organized and leisure time.

So let's talk about today - a fairly typical Tuesday.  

My alarm went off at 6:35 AM.  I got up and jumped in the shower.  My wonderful husband let the dogs out and cooked breakfast for us.  So I head out into the kitchen at about 6:55 AM.  Waiting for me are 2 fried eggs from our chickens.  I put a little ketchup on the eggs - I use Hunt's which is made with no High Fructose Corn Syrup.  I finished getting ready and before I headed out the door I put my lunch - which I got ready the night before - in my bag and brew a cup of coffee in my Keurig.  This morning it was Spicy Eggnog Flavor.

I get to work and work from 8-12.  During that time I had one additional cup of coffee - I wanted a stronger cup, so I chose Kahlua flavor.  The only thing I ate was a pickle.  I often have a pickle for the salt on the days that I plan on running.  I also drank about 20 ounces of water.

At noon I changed my clothes and headed outside.  I was bundled up and wasn't cold, but the sidewalks were completely covered with snow and ice so I ended up running on the side of the roads, which sucked.  After the first mile I turned down some side streets and ran up and down them, but still had to keep an eye out for cars and it was not fun.  Then, at 5 miles in, my OTHER IT Band - the one that I haven't had any problem with - started killing me.  Grrrr....

It took me 50:08 to run 6 miles.  I headed back up to change my clothes and stretch.  Then I put an ice pack on my right knee and ate lunch.  Lunch consisted of the following - 4 pieces chicken deli meat (50 calories) and a slice of reduced fat mozarella cheese (50 calories) on a Flatout wrap (90 calories) with some honey mustard, raw spinach and a handful of dried cranberries.  I also had a banana.  And, of course, 25 ounces of water.

In the afternoon I refilled my water and had another 25 ounces and put a packet of Lipton Green Tea and Honey in it.

I left work at 4PM.  As soon as I got home, I cleaned out my workout bag.  Took out the sweaty clothes and refilled with some shorts and a sports bra as my workout will be a DVD inside tomorrow.  I also laid out the clothes I'm going to wear tomorrow.  Then I used the computer for a while.  Had a handful of raisins.

At about 5:15 PM Marc and I headed down to the workout room where I did some core/ab work - I did 90 push-ups, dumbbell side bends, and woodchoppers (to name a few) and also worked my IT Band, doing fire hydrants and clam shells - all while watching TV - definitely makes the time go faster.  Then Marc used my foam roller to work on my IT Bands.  After about 45 minutes we headed back upstairs and began preparing dinner.  

Dinner tonight was a piece of South African Hake fish - Marc cooked it on the top of the stove with some dry rub.  Also had a huge portion of veggies (Oriental Blend by Bird's Eye), 1/2 cup of brown rice, 3/4 cup of white rice, a slice of fresh pineapple and 1 cup of skim milk.  

After dinner, we picked up and cleaned up the kitchen - including emptying and refilling the dishwasher and cleaning the stove top .  I also got ready what I want for lunch tomorrow and put it where I can grab it quick.  I got out meat out of the freezer and put it in the fridge for what we will have for dinner tomorrow.  I will be eating oatmeal tomorrow for breakfast so I put that in the bowl with a spoon and placed it in the microwave.

I'll take a quick shower as soon as I'm done with this.  From 8-10 we'll watch television while I'm crocheting my latest project.   I'll have another 25 ounces of water with a flavor packet as well as a container of fat free yogurt (90 calories).  I have yogurt almost every night and rotate between Walmart brand, Yoplait and Dannon - all the light kinds.  I freeze them the night before and then set them out about an hour or so before I intend on eating them.  It almost feels like eating ice cream.  Tonight is Yoplait, the apple turnover flavor.

For today, that brings me in to about 1500 calories - as I mentioned, I don't rigorously count any more, but I tried to keep it a little lower then normal as I'm trying to drop a little. The running will have burned about 450 calories, not to mention the other exercise, so I'm feeling pretty good about today!

At 10 we'll head into our bedroom and watch tv until 11PM.  Set the alarm and get ready to do it all tomorrow!!

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