Sunday, January 6, 2013

Totally random thoughts

Not feeling inspired today, so I'm just going to post some random thoughts.  First, though, I had someone send me an e-mail asking how I walk both of my Boxers at the same time.  I use a dog leash coupler like this:

 Much easier then trying to held 2 leashes at the same time.  My dogs adapted to it immediately.  They walk right together, but it is not unusual for them to switch places back and forth.  It doesn't tangle because of the swivel on the leash itself.  

I'm feeling okay today.  Believe it or not, my OTHER IT Band started bothering me on Friday when I ran on the treadmill.  But I'm doing well in keeping panic in check.  I may have to order another IT Band strap.  What a total pain!  But I walked 6 miles yesterday and 7.5 today with the dogs.  I might run a short distance on the treadmill today just to see how it feels.  

My weight remains up a little, hopefully another week of really sticking to my guns will bring me down.

So I feel that I am doing well in the short time that it's been since the new year in being open and flexible.  I also am doing really well in keeping organized and cleaning a little bit every day.  This is going to be MUCH easier though in the winter when I don't want to be outside at all!

Can I show you guys something that helped me get organized when it comes to shopping?  We have a large freezer in our pantry in addition to the one that comes integrated into the fridge.  I did that so I can stock up and grocery shop less.  All the meat is in that freezer in their own packages, but the also in a large garbage bag labled:

 So like when I'm looking for ground turkey, I can just pull one out of the bag.

Then I bought some chalkboard paint.  On the back of the pantry door, I painted some of this paint and track what I have as far as meat:

When it's time to go grocery shopping, a quick look at the door tells me what meat I need and what I don't.  Any time I can cut down on wasting time - say looking through a freezer, the better! 

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  1. I know about the dieting and weight loss thing. I have been doing great for the past month, but today I want to eat everything in the house.