Thursday, January 17, 2013

An "AH-HA!" moment...

Last year this guy named Phillip Phillips won American Idol and released a song called "Home".  I've heard this song many times and I like it.  Hell, I even have it on my MP3 player for when I'm running.  But the other day I heard it and the lyrics SMACKED me right across the head. 

Have you ever had one of those moments?  Where you just went "AH-HA!  That is totally true!" and it's made you think of something from a different perspective then you have thought of something before?

The lyrics that caused me to think are:


Wow.  Just read that over again and just think about it for a minute.  Does it hit you the way it does me?  

There are times in my life that I've felt lost.  That includes a loss of identity.  We have certain roles that we fill in our own lives and other people's lives.  So when we make radical changes - and tremendous weight loss is one of them - it effects our sense of who we are.  It also greatly effects how other people think of us.  I was always the "fat, funny one".  Now that I'm not fat anymore, I have to define who I am again.  I think I'm still figuring that out.  And sometimes, yes, I feel lost.

I'm sure some of you here are going through lots of things - both good and bad - that can make you feel lost - a divorce, kids leaving home, getting fired, having a child, graduating college, death in the family, etc.  Where do you feel lost? Are you unsure how to continue?  

Just remember - you can ALWAYS, ALWAYS change things.  Don't be afraid to make choices and challenge yourself - if you lose your way you can always come back from it.  If you are lost right now don't despair - you can be found.

And another part of that song is "Just know you're not alone".  You are NOT ALONE.    

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