Sunday, January 20, 2013

My own worst enemy...

You know, we do a lot of talking about whether or not certain people in our lives support us or not.  Friends, family, our SO's, co-workers, etc. - they can either help or hinder our progress in this journey.

But who is often our worst enemy?  Ourselves!  Why do we sabotage ourselves?

Have you ever stood in front of the refrigerator engaging in a debate with yourself whether you should or should not eat something?

How about wasting time debating whether you are going to go exercise?

And then when you do something "bad" - like overeat or eat something you shouldn't - who is the one that berates you and calls yourself names or tells you to give up?  Often it is you!!

In substance abuse counseling, we call this the "addictive voice".  It is the "evil twin" inside an addict that has no other purpose other then to make him or her use.  I encourage my clients to learn to identify that voice and to realize that it is their addiction talking and learn to fight it.

I try to listen for my "evil twin".  It's the voice that tells me that I was born to be fat and that this change I've made is only temporary.  It's the voice that tells me that I don't have time to exercise.  It's the voice that calls me names and tells me I'm ugly.  

I know you all have that voice, for some of you it's loud and mean, and for others, they have a smaller voice.  Either way, identify it, and learn to disregard it!  We have enough challenges, let's all stop being our own worst enemy!!

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