Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Amaze yourself!

Yesterday was a good day.  I was feeling really worn out and pissy on Monday for some reason, but I got my mojo back yesterday.

After a day of snow Monday, it began to melt yesterday and I went out and ran at lunch.  All the sidewalks were still covered in snow, so I stuck to side roads and ran along the road.  Because of the melting, I ended up running in ankle deep slush.  I ran 6 miles and when I got back to work, my feet were DRENCHED and the back of my leggings were soaked up to the mid thigh. 

BUT here's the good news - my left knee - which originally had the IT Band issue - did not peep once during the 6 miles.  And I have been wearing the IT Band strap on my right leg, and usually about 5 miles in it feels twingey and then when I'm done and take off the strap it hurts a little.  I wore the strap yesterday and no issues at all, plus no pain when I took the strap off, so YAY!

I started thinking to myself after the run yesterday about the person that I have become.  When did it get EASY to go out and run 6 miles?  Seriously.  I mean 6 miles was not hard at all, and despite the conditions, I still finished in under 52 minutes, without even pushing it.

This goes along with something else that happened.  I ran across an "old" picture of myself from 3-4 years ago on my computer at work and showed it to a couple of co-workers.  Both of them said the same thing - they didn't remember me being that size.  I mean, obviously they HAVE to remember when I was fat, but now they must just think of me as this size and can't believe I ever weighed as much as I did.  

In some ways I don't is remember that either and in some ways it  so clear in my mind - did I really have to lift up my stomach to wash my myself in the shower?  Did my stomach really touch the steering wheel of my vehicle when I drove?  Did a towel not fit around me at one time?  Did I really have to worry about not fitting in booths at restaurants?  I could go on and on!

This new life that I have worked for is AMAZING.  It isn't perfect, but it is glorious.  And guess what?  It is there for you too!!!  Keep working and striving - I want so badly for you all to feel as good as I do, and I know you can!  So don't stop - not for a minute!   

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